Anyone feeling '50 shades of Christmas ' yet?

Ya know constipation , putting on wider waist clothes?

Well this is what New Years resolutions are perfectly made for.

Can you imagine a great festive period  like the biggest mother of em all.This present yuletide/Christmas time. Hopefully with your family and extended family and m8's that there would be no built in reprieve. from the  endless weight gain and health damage !

Well thank God thier is ...And I Mick has several awesome tips that'll help you with all the weight loss and filtering your organs that get struck by Christmas goodness. Such as the liver and kidneys.  

Mick has juice recipes and veggie shakes that are yummy and wont break the post Christmas account.

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All my warmest regards to you all who visit my humble site.

Godbless and stay wise xo 👍👌🇬🇧🇨🇦

Mick McCartney 

Feeling Red 🎸😎

Feeling Red 🎸😎

Mick in motion

Mick in motion

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